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ぼくの Real Face

just don't let me down;
Leo. 20-something year old Filipina. Currently an Interior Design draftsman in an international company. Enjoys it, as well as the stress that comes along with it. Loves KAT-TUN, Jin Akanishi, Tanaka Koki, Taguchi Junnosuke, and stalks random Johnnys idols and groups, or Japanese personalities once in a while. Slowly becoming an Eighter after a year of KAT-TUN's recharging period. But mostly into KAT-TUN since 2007. Never looked back ever since. Bias? Johnnys Sex Symbol Kamenashi Kazuya. I aspire to reach his level of workaholic. Interests outside J&A would probably Interior Design, instrumental music, blogging my stress away, and some girly hobbies. Still stuck in basic Japanese. Wants to seriously pursue so many interests if only time permitted it. Open to making friends around the world with similar interests. Feel free to add, follow on Twitter, or comment on the free post. No graphics or fanfics here. But might try it one day... Oh and only uses one userpic at a time, for some strange reason.

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