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01 November 2016 @ 11:29 pm

KAT-TUN have been insanely down-low with solo work these days and because of that, I’m starting to like Kanjani8. It’s so weird. It started with rewatching Papa wa idol, then I decided to watch Shounen Club Premium episodes where they were guests. I miss watching a big group interact with each other. I wondered if KAT-TUN were still six today, how would it be like? Kanjani8 members are just full of laughter and so young at heart. Okura actually stood out for me. I’ve been a Kame and Nakamaru bias ever since 5nin days and you know these two are very good speakers, but Okura is the exact opposite! He is very quiet but his smile won’t go unnoticed. I kept rewatching SCP (episode 8 & 20 if you’re curious), and even the one and only episode I have of Kanjani8 no Janiben, which I have because the guest was Koki. I got addicted to their song BARINTAN and up to now I'm still wondering how someone like me, a KAT-TUN fan for almost 10 years, would be fond of something like this:

If you download SCP episodes in full (the ones KAT-TUN hosted), you can watch their performances and be dumbfounded on how a full-blooded hyphen would like such a group. Because really, KAT-TUN and Kanjani8 are the extreme opposites XD

I’ve started joining Kanjani8 communities here in LJ and while scrolling I asked myself “What do I even like about them?” I want to know a bit more but where do I start? Out of curiousity, I downloaded their recent concert just to see how they perform as a group, but mostly to watch Okura. Sadly, my download was kind of a waste because Okura apparently didn’t perform in the last show - the one recorded for DVD. But then they have this documentary video of their entire tour and I decided to watch random scenes of that instead. And then BAM! I heard a ballad. And I love it. I don’t know how many people know this but I fell in love with KAT-TUN because of a ballad too - Bokura no Machi de.

Anyway, KAT-TUN’s on hiatus and I guess these things can happen? The thing is, 2016 just isn’t my year. Not just because of fandom but mostly because real life happenings have been so bad for me. I guess I needed something to make me smile. This is actually exciting but it also makes me sad. I don’t want to say “Thank you Kanjani8 for making me laugh in the middle of a very tough year” but that’s really how I feel now...

20 April 2016 @ 06:42 pm
This is so sad. Johnnys almost dominates the entire Japanese entertainment industry and they have the potential to succeed outside of Japan. Yet they choose to implement something like this, depriving international fans of their already small chance of seeing their idols live. Now I'm not an Arashi fan but pretty soon they'll be implementing this to every Johnnys concert, and that affects me, because while KAT-TUN consistently lose members, my chances of seeing them live every year is getting smaller. Now I understand the lottery system they use to sell concerts tickets because there is always never enough for the locals, but this? If I could just ask the senior management "why bother", right? Pushing your talents to be the best to the point that they could succeed worldwide and yet denying their international fanbase of opportunities like seeing them live.

Surprisingly, this news affects me more than it should because last week THIS made me really happy, it almost felt like a birthday gift. Congrats KAT-TUN♥︎ I always love seeing how KAT-TUN's success measures up to the success of other famous artists.
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